Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lust for Lush

My first purchase from Lush were the bubblegum lip scrub and the 'dirty' toothy tabs last christmas. I didn't like the toothy tabs (ill explain later) that much, however the lip scrub is just perfection. Before I left the Philippines, I made sure I stop by again at Lush Alabang Town Center to check some goodies so I bought the Daddy-O shampoo and perspective lipstick (which was on sale btw).

Here are my lush products:

1. Lip scrub in Bubblegum

If you have dry and chapped lips, this is the guy for you. The bottle can last you for more than 6 months as you only need an ample amount for your lips. I often have chapped lips due to dehydration (need to drink more water!) and this really helped my lips feel like baby butt smooth. For me it's one of their best product ever.

How to use: Put tiny amount on your finger and scrub your lips all the way. The best part is licking off the excess scrub (my recommendation is bubblegum! very yummy!). After scrubbing your lips, apply lip balm afterwards. You can do this at least twice a week. :)

2. Gorilla Perfume Toothy Tabs


This is a tablet sized toothpaste in a box, very convenient for those who are always traveling in long flights. I bought it because i know it would be useful for me since I'm a traveler and also because it has a spearmint flavor. I first used this when I was at the airport. Honestly, I almost puked when I started grinding the tab. immediately checked the expiration date but it's not yet expired. I'm not sure if I just don't like the taste of the tab or what. I let my boyfriend try the tab but he said it is perfectly alright so my guess is I just don't like the taste. I tried to tell my concern to the staff at the Lush store and she said the same thing. So I might try using other flavor next time.

How to use: Pop one tab on your mouth and grind it with your teeth. The sale staff said I should still use a toothbrush but I didn't have any at that time so I just used my finger but it didn't bubble that much so I bet you really should use a toothbrush in order for it to lather really well. Rinse off afterwards then smile. ;)

3. Daddy-O Shampoo

I was currently on the hunt for some shampoo for colored hair as I just dyed mine a month ago. And I know lush is the best when it comes to bath products so I knew I needed to check something out there before I leave. The sales staff told me that this product is great for those who have blonde hair (mine is almost blonde) to maintain the color and helps the hair look healthy and shiny. I asked her if it would change my hair color and she said it won't. My hair was bleached and dyed for 4 hours and as a result, it became a bit frizzy and dry. Upon using this for a week now, my hair improved a little bit. The reason why I gave 4 star only for this product is that it doesn't lather that much. Again, it's just a preference problem, no big deal. I still recommend this for those who are 'blonde-ish' like me.

How to use: Just shampoo your hair like you always do. ;)

4. Liquid lipstick in perspective

Perfect longlasting nude lipstick. Buy it. Period.


  1. I'm obsessed with lush lip scrub! It's amazing. And the lipstick you got looks gorgeous! I'm going to check that out next time I go there!

    1. same here! yes they have really cool lipsticks and most of the colors are unique! :)

  2. I had no idea Lush did makeup. That looks so good on you!

    1. thanks kate! yes you better try their makeup products. they're awesome especially the lipsticks and eyeliners. :)

  3. I have the Bubblegum lipscrub too and it is my FAVE! Great haul!