Thursday, January 9, 2014

Unhyped makeup finds #1 (feat. Beauty Cottage)

I know a lot of bloggers will be posting "Best of 2013" as a year-end post so you'll be seeing lots of urban decay, tarte, ysl, chanel and all of the famous brands you can think of. The thing is, you will be reading posts redundantly like Naked 3 is the best eyeshadow or Makeup Forever HD foundation is the best foundation of the year (and the list goes on). We already know how amazing they are so we don't really need to emphasize it over and over again. So for this, I wanted to post a little bit different. I'll be posting a 'series' on makeup products (3 brands to be exact) that I discovered which are not hyped yet amazing. We are often drawn to hyped products and tend to stick to what some famous guru says. Sometimes they're wrong so you have to test it for yourself.

Going back to my #1 makeup discovery, it's the Beauty Cottage eyeshadows. Honestly, I've known beauty cottage ever since I lived in bangkok but never purchased anything as it is quite expensive. They are more expensive than maybelline and revlon eyeshadows. I was just too lucky to find these eyeshadows at 50% off when I dropped by last november. You will only get the discount if you have their membership card which I happen to have already for free as well! Unfortunately, you can only find it in thailand as it is a thai brand but i'm pretty sure they're working on shipping their products internationally.

Beauty Cottage has a vintage, victorian style which is really unique and cute! If you could only see their shops, the design of their outlet is just amazing and they're really sticking to their theme. Even the salesladies are dressed in vintage outfits as well and I think it's pretty cool and great effort to make an impression to the consumers. Link.

I'm impressed and shocked with their eye shadows because they are pigmented and lasts really well. It's even more pigmented than my revlon eyeshadow. The texture of the shadows are creamy and easy to apply. They're not chalky as well which is a huge thumbs up. Even their packaging are so adorable especially the boxes that's why I haven't throw them away yet. :))

My only con is the price. I do get that they have exerted a great amount of effort in terms of packaging and quality but I still think it's a bit overpriced for an eyeshadow. But nevertheless, I still think they have a great collection of eyeshadows.

1. Color Bloom Pearl Shadow in Moss
The pearl shadow in moss has a moss green pigment but when you blend it, it becomes black. This is a very nice shade and easiest shadow to use if you're achieving a smokey look.

2. Color Bloom Pearl Shadow in Red Haricot
This is also a nice all over shade. I don't really wear pink eyeshadows because I don't think it compliments my eyes but this is an exception. I love that it has more red tone than pink on it. I also use this sometimes as a blush.

3. Chich & Chic Duo Shadow in Blackberry Spread
The light violet is a nice shade for the inner lids. I'm not pleased with the dark purple shade of this duo as it doesn't stay true to its color when applied. As you can see from the pan, the dark purple looks really nice but once you applied it onto your eyelids, it becomes dark grey (almost black) when you start blending it. Even if I pat the shade onto my lids, it still looks greyish. Not purple.

See how gorgeous the shades are? :)

I was inspired to post these products because I think they need a little bit more recognition. 
Stay tune for the next unhyped makeup find! :)



  1. I've never heard about this brand, but it looks great!


    1. it is a thai brand that's why you might not heard of it. :)

      thanks georgia! xx

  2. Wow those are super pigmented! never heard of them but the shadows look awesome. Red Haricot reminds me of MAC's expensive pink! I'm going to have to give these a try :)

    By the way loving your blog so all to happy to follow on bl and gfc :)

    1. you better try them when you visit to Thailand. :) theyre awesome.

      thanks for following! love yours too gabby! xx

  3. I can honestly say I have never heard of these before but they look STUNNING. Such beautiful pigmentation.

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

    1. thanks dejhana, they are indeed stunning. ;) xx

  4. Sometimes the unhyped products turn out to be awesome. Great post!

    Defining Me

  5. Those look gorgeous indeed. Great color pay-off! And thx for stopping by my site. We can absolutely follow each other. Follow me, I follow you. Let me know.

  6. I've never heard of this brand but the pigmentation looks AMAZING!