Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Naked 3 makeup ideas

I saw this at MakeUpGeek.com at the Idea Gallery section wherein they post various looks using their 'makeupgeek' eyeshadows. I thought I might share this to you as they can be recreated using the
Naked 3 palette as well. Brilliant isn't it? :)

Here are some ideas on how to create different looks with Naked 3:

 1. Sultry Brown

Transition Color: liar
Inner Crease: mugshot
Outer Crease: mugshot first then Factory
Lower Crease: mugshot + Factory
Hollows: factory (blend very well)
Center eyelid: strange w/ more of liar
Browbone: strange
Eyeliner: black tightline
Waterline: Nude eyeliner pencil

2. Simple Cat eye

All-around crease color: eden primer potion (be sure to lock it with powder)
Browbone: strange
Eyeliner: gel liner - winged (i use maybelline)
Waterline: Nude eyeliner pencil

3. Cherry blossom Pink

Transition Color: Nooner
Inner Crease: Strange first then Burnout or Burnout only
Tear Duct: Dust
Outer Crease: Nooner + apply blackheart on the outer V, then blend gently
Lower Crease:  Nooner
Hollows: Nooner and Burnout
Center eyelid: Strange first then Burnout or Burnout only
Browbone: Strange
Waterline: white eyeliner pencil

4. Neutral

All around shade: strange
Inner Crease: strange + dust
Outer Crease: Trick
Lower Crease: Trick
Hollows: Trick
Browbone: strange
Waterline: Nude eyeliner pencil

5. Purple & Pink Smokey

Transition Color: Buzz
Inner Crease: Buzz then Black Heart
Tear Duct: Buzz
Outer Crease: Black Heart
Lower Crease:  Buzz and Black Heart
Hollows: Trick
Center eyelid: Trick
Browbone: Strange
Eyeliner: Gel liner
Water line: Purple pencil eyeliner

6. Smokey Eye

Transition Color: Mugshot
Inner Crease: Strange
Tear Duct: Strange
Outer Crease: Blackheart
Lower Crease: Mugshot then Blackheart
Hollows: Blackheart
Center eyelid: Liar
Browbone: Strange
Eyeliner: Gel liner (winged)
Waterline: Black eyeliner pencil

7. Dita Von Teese Look
Transition Color: Limit
Inner Crease: Strange
Tear Duct: Strange
Outer Crease: Nooner
Lower Crease:  Nooner
Hollows: Nooner
Center eyelid: Strange
Browbone: Strange
Eyeliner: Gel liner (winged)
Waterline:  White or Nude Eyeliner

All photos credit to: Makeupgeek.com

Out of all these looks, I gear towards at the Dita Von Teese look the most 
as it suits my eyeshape well plus, it's very easy to achieve. 
How about you? Which of these looks do you like most? :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First impression: Bobbi brown skin foundation stick

Bobbi Brown just released her new improved foundation stick - "Skin foundation stick". The former version of this was really exquisite (according to what I've heard) and this new version was even better than the 'already amazing' foundation stick. And because of this statement, I decided to test it out.

Before I jumped on to the first impression review, here are the list of the products that were applied on my face:

  1. Vitamin Enriched Face Base - this is a moisturizing face primer
  2. Hydrating Eye Cream - used this before applying under eye concealer
  3. Hydrating Face Tonic - facial toner
  4. Creamy Concealer kit in warm beige
  5. Corrector
  6. Skin Foundation stick in Warm beige
  7. Sheer finish pressed powder
  8. Blush - i can't remember what blush she used but it was more of a mauvy color
  9. Lipstick in Heather Pink

So I went to the store at Siam Center and told the saleslady that I want to try their new foundation and she was very kind in assisting me even though she's not good in english. First, she removed my makeup as I was wearing one with bobbi brown's instant long-wear makeup remover. She applied the Hydrating Face tonic which is basically a toner so as to provide a clean 'canvas' to work with. Then, she applied the vitamin enriched face base that will act as a face primer. I wasn't a fan of this face primer as it felt quite sticky on my skin although it claimed to be non-greasy. But I know it's packed with great ingredients which hydrates, softens and cushions the skin through out the day.

After all the skin care products that she slapped on my face, she now proceeded on applying the stick foundation. She applied it just like how you apply lipstick, it's that easy! So she blended the foundation using a face brush but I can see that it was emphasizing my pores while she was blending the foundation. After she blended the foundation on my skin, I wasn't pleased with the result. It felt so sticky and my pores in my cheek area were saying hello at me! I was also wondering why she kept using the stick foundation as a concealer to conceal my blemishes and scars. She did 2 full face coats on my face and I can still see my acne scars which I really don't like. So she powdered my face and applied some blush-on and lipstick to set everything. I told her that I will just walk around outside for a bit to test if the makeup will not melt as it is very hot and humid in Thailand right now (you have no idea!). I bid her goodbye and told her that I will come back. Well, I didn't come back! and you know why?

I went outside Siam paragon and went to watsons which is just right across the street (takes about 10minutes only). I took a picture of myself in the daylight as well so that I can see if my makeup looks natural. It's not natural, and I looked like I have heavy makeup. The color of the foundation was a tad darker than my skintone and didn't match my body (as you can see in the picture). My face never looked like this whenever I wear my chanel perfection lumiere. The stickiness feel didn't go away by the way which irritated me the most. Here's my picture:

And when I got to watsons, you would not believe that my undereye makeup were already melting! It was melting and creasing like crazy and wasn't sure how to fix it. I've read some reviews and one was from waynegoss in which he raved so much about the product. He actually stated that this foundation "looks like a skin" in which I don't really agree in every angle.

But here's what I thought that went wrong during the makeup process.

  1. She applied a very moisturizing product on my face which I firmly believe that it contributed to the main reason why the foundation was melting on my face. I have a combination skin type and living here in Thailand is like hell (i mean too hot! haha) so putting on an extremely moisturizing product isn't a very good idea.
  2. She also applied eye cream which is also very moisturizing that also caused the creasing under my eye.
  3. She used too much of the product that caused my face to cake. I knew the lighting inside the store were deceiving my eyes because my face looked natural and flawless. But thank god I stepped outside and I saw what my face actually looked like. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't better than my chanel as I've said before.
To sum it all up, I'm disappointed with this product and would never purchase this. Having said that, it doesn't mean that this won't work on you either. So I still suggest to try it for yourself and let me know what you think. I guess I'll have to stick to my chanel perfection lumiere. Still on the hunt for my next 'perfect foundation'. I got my eye on YSL youth liberator serum foundation, What do you guys think? :)  


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Naked 3 palette

I went to kuala lumpur last week with my dad for 3 days and for some reason, Suria KLCC was the only mall that we went to. The mall has everything, Petrosains which is a science/engineering museum, Aquaria, an oceanarium and all the famous brand you can think of (no h&m and f21 though, only uniqlo!). What excited me the most was that I didn't know they have sephora. I thought sephora's only in Singapore and here in Thailand.

You can imagine me jumping up and down when I saw their shop..

And when I saw this.. *seizure-ing!* GAAAAAAHHH!! I've been dying to see this urban decay stall for years ever since they released the 1st naked palette and that was like 4 or 5 years ago! So I was like a kid seeing disneyland for the first time. Oh aleluia! haha.

My dad saw how much I wanted the makeup so he let me buy the naked 3 palette (such a lucky girl). I picked up the naked 3 instantly because it is so hard to get it here in bangkok (so many fakes). I wanted to buy the foundation and the setting spray but I had to contain myself. :)) But anyways, I am still happy that I bought it. <3

Here are some snapshots of the palette:

Sephora's my favorite cosmetic shop and this is one of the few things that made my trip to KL quite awesome. Sephora in Thailand sucks so bad because they don't have urban decay which is the best selling brand in the history of sephora and other great brands like buxom, hourglass, katvond and lorac. They only have brands that are ALREADY in the department stores (chanel, benefit, lancome & too faced to name a few) so what's the use of putting up sephora in Thailand right? I don't really get it. DEAR SEPHORA THAILAND, PLEASE PUT ATLEAST URBAN DECAY!!! :))


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lust for Lush

My first purchase from Lush were the bubblegum lip scrub and the 'dirty' toothy tabs last christmas. I didn't like the toothy tabs (ill explain later) that much, however the lip scrub is just perfection. Before I left the Philippines, I made sure I stop by again at Lush Alabang Town Center to check some goodies so I bought the Daddy-O shampoo and perspective lipstick (which was on sale btw).

Here are my lush products:

1. Lip scrub in Bubblegum

If you have dry and chapped lips, this is the guy for you. The bottle can last you for more than 6 months as you only need an ample amount for your lips. I often have chapped lips due to dehydration (need to drink more water!) and this really helped my lips feel like baby butt smooth. For me it's one of their best product ever.

How to use: Put tiny amount on your finger and scrub your lips all the way. The best part is licking off the excess scrub (my recommendation is bubblegum! very yummy!). After scrubbing your lips, apply lip balm afterwards. You can do this at least twice a week. :)

2. Gorilla Perfume Toothy Tabs

credit: lush.co.uk

This is a tablet sized toothpaste in a box, very convenient for those who are always traveling in long flights. I bought it because i know it would be useful for me since I'm a traveler and also because it has a spearmint flavor. I first used this when I was at the airport. Honestly, I almost puked when I started grinding the tab. immediately checked the expiration date but it's not yet expired. I'm not sure if I just don't like the taste of the tab or what. I let my boyfriend try the tab but he said it is perfectly alright so my guess is I just don't like the taste. I tried to tell my concern to the staff at the Lush store and she said the same thing. So I might try using other flavor next time.

How to use: Pop one tab on your mouth and grind it with your teeth. The sale staff said I should still use a toothbrush but I didn't have any at that time so I just used my finger but it didn't bubble that much so I bet you really should use a toothbrush in order for it to lather really well. Rinse off afterwards then smile. ;)

3. Daddy-O Shampoo

credit: lush.co.uk
I was currently on the hunt for some shampoo for colored hair as I just dyed mine a month ago. And I know lush is the best when it comes to bath products so I knew I needed to check something out there before I leave. The sales staff told me that this product is great for those who have blonde hair (mine is almost blonde) to maintain the color and helps the hair look healthy and shiny. I asked her if it would change my hair color and she said it won't. My hair was bleached and dyed for 4 hours and as a result, it became a bit frizzy and dry. Upon using this for a week now, my hair improved a little bit. The reason why I gave 4 star only for this product is that it doesn't lather that much. Again, it's just a preference problem, no big deal. I still recommend this for those who are 'blonde-ish' like me.

How to use: Just shampoo your hair like you always do. ;)

4. Liquid lipstick in perspective

Perfect longlasting nude lipstick. Buy it. Period.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Unhyped makeup finds #1 (feat. Beauty Cottage)

I know a lot of bloggers will be posting "Best of 2013" as a year-end post so you'll be seeing lots of urban decay, tarte, ysl, chanel and all of the famous brands you can think of. The thing is, you will be reading posts redundantly like Naked 3 is the best eyeshadow or Makeup Forever HD foundation is the best foundation of the year (and the list goes on). We already know how amazing they are so we don't really need to emphasize it over and over again. So for this, I wanted to post a little bit different. I'll be posting a 'series' on makeup products (3 brands to be exact) that I discovered which are not hyped yet amazing. We are often drawn to hyped products and tend to stick to what some famous guru says. Sometimes they're wrong so you have to test it for yourself.

Going back to my #1 makeup discovery, it's the Beauty Cottage eyeshadows. Honestly, I've known beauty cottage ever since I lived in bangkok but never purchased anything as it is quite expensive. They are more expensive than maybelline and revlon eyeshadows. I was just too lucky to find these eyeshadows at 50% off when I dropped by last november. You will only get the discount if you have their membership card which I happen to have already for free as well! Unfortunately, you can only find it in thailand as it is a thai brand but i'm pretty sure they're working on shipping their products internationally.

Beauty Cottage has a vintage, victorian style which is really unique and cute! If you could only see their shops, the design of their outlet is just amazing and they're really sticking to their theme. Even the salesladies are dressed in vintage outfits as well and I think it's pretty cool and great effort to make an impression to the consumers. Link.

I'm impressed and shocked with their eye shadows because they are pigmented and lasts really well. It's even more pigmented than my revlon eyeshadow. The texture of the shadows are creamy and easy to apply. They're not chalky as well which is a huge thumbs up. Even their packaging are so adorable especially the boxes that's why I haven't throw them away yet. :))

My only con is the price. I do get that they have exerted a great amount of effort in terms of packaging and quality but I still think it's a bit overpriced for an eyeshadow. But nevertheless, I still think they have a great collection of eyeshadows.

1. Color Bloom Pearl Shadow in Moss
The pearl shadow in moss has a moss green pigment but when you blend it, it becomes black. This is a very nice shade and easiest shadow to use if you're achieving a smokey look.

2. Color Bloom Pearl Shadow in Red Haricot
This is also a nice all over shade. I don't really wear pink eyeshadows because I don't think it compliments my eyes but this is an exception. I love that it has more red tone than pink on it. I also use this sometimes as a blush.

3. Chich & Chic Duo Shadow in Blackberry Spread
The light violet is a nice shade for the inner lids. I'm not pleased with the dark purple shade of this duo as it doesn't stay true to its color when applied. As you can see from the pan, the dark purple looks really nice but once you applied it onto your eyelids, it becomes dark grey (almost black) when you start blending it. Even if I pat the shade onto my lids, it still looks greyish. Not purple.

See how gorgeous the shades are? :)

I was inspired to post these products because I think they need a little bit more recognition. 
Stay tune for the next unhyped makeup find! :)


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Makeup Collection 2013

My first post for this year!
I was done doing my makeup for christmas day when I saw my vanity desk looking like this (Chaotic, I know!), so I took a photo of this and had an idea of 'why not do an inventory of my entire makeup collection?' since it is already the end of the year. I thought it would be fun to see everything that I have for this year (well, I bought some of the items 2 years ago). :)

A little disclaimer before I continue to list down all the products:

I didn't buy everything from this year only, some of the products were accumulated from last year. If you're thinking 'do I really get to use all of these stuff?', I can tell you that I use every single makeup that i have. I don't want to waste any of these products especially when I know some of them are quite expensive. Some are just more loved than the others but still, I use everything. 

Okay, so time for the inventory! :)


  • Benefit Porefessional
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  • Benefit That Gal brightening Primer
  • The Balm - Time Balm
  • Diorsnow UV shield SPF 50++ 
  • Smashbox Photofinish Oil-free (I just bought it today. :p )
Eyeshadow Primer:
  • Benefit Stay don't stray
  • Laura Mercier eyeprimer in Wheat
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard
  • Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer in #6
  • Mac Studio Sculpt concealer in NC30
  • Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in #01
  • Chanel Perfection Lumiere in B30
  • Loreal Le Teint True Match in G3 Golden Beige
  • Fairydrops Candybar BB cream in Ochre
  • Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Bamboo Beige 
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-free
  • Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation
  • Maybelline Pure Minerals BB Cream
  • Maybelline Fit Me in 310 (way too dark for me! so i didn't use)
  • Cathy Doll CC Cream
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix in Light Beige
  • Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent
  • BareMinerals Matte Powder
  • Fairydrops Mineral Powder
  • Benefit hello flawless powder
  • NYC Smooth skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny
  • Benefit Highbeam
  • Benefit Sunbeam
  • Benefit girl meats pearl
  • Maybelline cheeky glow
  • 3CE blush in #410
  • Revlon Powder Blush in Pink Blush
  • Benefit Coralista
  • Benefit Benetint (lip and cheek stain)


  • Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black
  • Maybelline Hyper Glossy liquid liner in Black & Turquoise Blue
  • Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes (no color description but it looks like blue green & Teal)
  • Dollywink Pencil liner in Black
  • Dejavu Lasing-fine eyeliner pen  in Black
  • Catrice Kohl Kajal in Black
  • L.A Girl eyeliner in white
  • Cosluxe Wanderlust Eyeliner Pen
  • Penshoppe Metallics Precision liquid eyeliner in Gold
  • Glamgirl glitter liquid eyeliner in too cool for school (gold)
(I dont use any brow product since I have full brows but here's what I have.)
  •  Beauty Buffet eyebrow pencil waterproof in Brown
  • Beauty Cottage color bloom pearl shadow in #19 Moss
  • Beauty Cottage color bloom pearl shadow in #3 Red Haricot
  • Beauty Cottage Chic & Chic duo shadow in #1 Blackberry Spread
  • Topshop mineral baking eyeshadow in #12
  • Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in #070 Mud Spencer & Coralle Hill
  • Bodyshop Shimmer Cubes in #6
  • Maybelline color tattoo in Bold Gold
  • H&M nudes eyeshadow 
  • NYX roll on shimmer in Platinum
Palettes & Kits:
  • Mac Pro Palette in Woodwinked, Mulch, Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch
  • Benefit World Famous Neutrals (eyeshadows)
  • Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything (porefessional, oxygen wow foundation, boi-ing 01 & 02, hello flawless powder)
  • Benefit Primping With the Stars (some kinda gorgeous medium foundation, stay dont stray primer, girl meets pearl highlighter, benetint, porefessional, theyre real mascara
  • The Balm nude tude (korean ver.)
  • Naked 2 palette
  • Sivanna the artiste collection in #3
  • Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Waterproof)
  • Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara (Waterproof)
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara
  • Covergirl Volume Mascara 
  • Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara
Eyelash Curler:
  • Beauty Buffet Eyelash Curler


  • YSL rouge volupte in #9 Caress Pink
  • Lancome L'absolu Rouge in #363
  • Estee lauder shimmer crystal lipstick in #39 Bermuda Pink
  • NYX lip smacking  in Indian Pink
  • NYX lip smacking in Chaos
  • NYX lip smacking in Stella
  • NYX lip smacking in Frappuccino
  • NYX jumbo lip pencil in #709 Deep red
  • NYX jumbo lip pencil in #720 Honey Nectar
  • Revlon Super lustrous lipstick in #423 Pink Velvet
  • Revlon Super lustrous lipstick in #616 wink for pink
  • Revlon Renewist lip colours in #120 coming up roses
  • N7 Stay perfect in #80 Cherry
  • N7 Moisture drench in #100 Shiny Cooker
  • The topshop plumper lipgloss in #05
  • The Topshop plumpler lipgloss in #14
  • Tutu lipstick in #12
  • Tutu elegant silky lipstick in #10
  • Wet n wild in  904B Rose Bud
  • Benetint
  • Benefit pocketpal (benetint + gloss)

  • Revlon colorstay in Red
  • Catrice Precision lipliner in #30 Lost in the rose wood
  • Nichido lip pencil in LP04 Rosette
  •  Revlon Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick in #005 Platinum Petal


  • Real Techniques Core Collection
  • Real Techniques Starter set
  • Sigma essential kit (12pcs)

Here's how I store them:

To all my blogger friends:
This is a brand new year! I encourage you to do this atleast every year so that you can keep track of your makeup inventory. I think this is a great thing to do so that you will know if there's any products that you need to throw already. This is also to help you see which products you have been using frequently and which are the ones you have been neglecting (time to give them some love!). I always see some makeup bloggers/youtubers wherein they just keep buying new makeup almost everyday and never really get to enjoy the products that they just bought which is a pity (and to think about the price of each product! $_$). Being a makeup blogger doesn't mean that you always have to buy something just for the sake of posting it on your blog. I have to admit, during the last 6 months, I've been addicted in blogging so I tend to buy a lot than I usually do. But, I realized that there are many ways of posting something that doesn't require money and won't break your bank. And another advice, it really does pay a lot to research first before buying anything so that you'll know ahead of time if the product that you're buying has positive reviews and if it's worth to try (no waste of money too!). I guess what I'm trying to say is that, it doesn't matter if you buy makeup all the time as long as you use it till they wear out. So let us all try to be a smart cosmetic consumer and also never neglect the products that you have purchased before. :) 

NY Resolution
I didn't realize that I've been blogging for over a year now and with a total of 42 posts! Time flies really fast so my new years resolution would be, appreciate everything that I have and enjoy each and everyday as if it's my last. Live. Love. Laugh. MORE. 
I hope you guys have a prosperous year!
And good luck to you and your family!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Skincare Routine feat. Kiehl's & La Roche-Posay

Time for my recent skincare routine! :) I've been using these products for over a month now and so far so good. However, I won't be recommending any of these products yet since I wanted to try it for another couple of months just to be sure before I conclude anything. ;)

Products (with links):

       ♥ Biore Makeup Remover - Cleansing Milk
       Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil- Free Cleanser
       Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner Alcohol free (normal to oily skin)
       Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with Avocado
       La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
       ♥ Marks and Spencer Hand Wash in China Blue

My Routine:

1. First thing I do is to remove my makeup with my Biore Makeup Remover (if no makeup on, jump to step 2!). I usually remove my eye makeup first before removing the foundation on my face as I find it to be easier and quicker. I'm not a fan of this biore since it tends to sting my eye alot and it really does hurts if you're not careful enough. However, I like the fact that it can remove my mascara quite well (fairydrops mascaras are the most difficult to remove!). I usually do 4-5 pumps on a round cotton pad to remove all the makeup on my face. I don't stop until I get every residue on my face to prevent any blemishes.

2. Next is to cleanse my face with Kiehl's ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (For normal to oily skin). I cleanse my face twice a day. I like that it is targeted for those who have normal to oily skin. It doesn't make my oily face oilier like other cleansers, in fact it reduces it. It leaves my face dry but not to extent that I get dry patches on my face.

3. After cleansing my face, I use the Kiehl's calendula as my toner. I use this twice a day, but sometimes if I'm going to wear makeup, I only use it at night time. Like my cleanser, I love that it is for normal to oily skin type. It helps to soothe my face from all the dirt that I accumulated throughout the day and it feels refreshing after applying it. It also has a scent that comes from the calendula which may bother some people but for me, the scent is quite lovely. 

4. Then, I apply this Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay all over my face especially where I have blemishes and acne scars. I read this online that it can fade the acne scars on face if used twice a day for a few months. I had a few small blemishes on my forehead and a big one on the right side of my face before I bought this. When I applied this overnight, it made a huge difference on my forehead. There's still some little blemishes but they were diminished, no bumps and you can tell that it's healing. The big blemish that I had on my right side was reduced into a small size which is pretty amazing. So that was the first experience. Now for the 2nd one, a little back story, I went to the northern part of thailand to attend my graduation for 4 days. I had to get up at 3:30am for our graduation practice and I was really tired and dehydrated all the time. I use this effaclar duo with my kiehl's cleanser during my stay there but only at night time. When I got back to Bangkok, there were pimple party on my face (the horror!). I guess it was due to my stress and dehydration for the last 4 days that triggered the pimples on my face. So when I flew back to Philippines, I decided to do the routine very strictly again to see if it will make a difference. And it did once again, but not as fast as my first experience. Today is my 6th day on trying this strict routine and it diminished the pimples on my face (no more bumps). But let's see few weeks more, if it will continue to heal my very problematic skin. ;)

5. Last step is applying my Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with Avocado. They say if you apply eye creams at an early age, it can prevent you from having wrinkles and fine lines when you get older. So why not start now? :)

Thanks for reading my post guys! I was supposed to post this a week ago before christmas but I got so lazy (iknwimsry). But I'll be posting my 2013 makeup collection sometime this week so stay tune! :) 

And I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!